What is happening to the band, and in particular the band name?
A The Odyssey Blues Band became a Rhythm and Blues and Soul outfit. The band’s history is replete with great reviews underscoring a rich tradition. (see reviews page). The band’s name has sadly been hijacked recently. See our history page.
Where can we see the band?
A See the Gigs section of our website or the Newspaper Listings such as “Time Out” or “The A List”, or subscribe to our mailing list by completing the details on our blues room/forum page. This band is NOT currently on the road, despite the band’s name being presently used by another act. Also, there is no physical connection to the very excellent Canadian band of the same name.
Where can I get a copy of your CDs?
A Most gigs.
What happened to and where is John L Watson?
A John L embarked on a documentary film project a couple of years ago. Sadly John passed away in March 2014. There are many references to him on this website, as The original Odyssey Blues Band was his backing band from 1997-2001. See also John Mizzaroli’s website.
Where is Rupert Webster?
A A mischievous posting from Malcom McDowell on his Web site seemed to suggest that Rupert Webster was dead. This is not so. Rupert is very much alive, and is still living working and playing in London.
Who else has played with you (Including guests)?
Starting with Trumpet: Colin Graham, Arthur Catt, Dave Mian, Alison Sams and Los Speyer.On Tenor: Nick Charles, Paul West, Chris Kane, Dave Eastham, Jake Telford, Pete Newman, Tom Heywood.Trombone: Andy Flaxman, Dave Pogson, Adrian Clift.

Alto Sax: Rupert Heavan, Fred Schmidt.

Keyboards: Ray Bartrip, Simon Beck, Jay Black, Roberto Toledo, Ian Buchanan, Dave Lennox.

Guitar: Rupert Webster, Jake Zaitz, Bob Stout, Pete Aves, Lol Sanford, Jimmy C, Tony Farinha, Tsukasa Kataoka, Drew Barron, Neil Hedger, and Malcolm Hine

Drums: Reg Isadore, Alf Mitchell, John Phillips, George Dare, Dino Coccia, Phil Overhead, Pete Abernathy, Reg Patten, Mimi Hajime Ueoka, and Terry Fanning.

Harmonica: John O’Leary, Larry Garman, Dave Shannon, Dave Dix.

Vocals: Kat (Kate Platt) Mississippi John L Watson, Bill Hurley, Chris Jagger, Rob Brown, Judy Gallimore, Emma Blake, Mitchell Anderson, Reuben Richards, Shakey Vic (+ harp), Phil Hughes (+ harp and tenor).

and many many more who played and had a ball with us.